Kyoto’s fifty most overrated tourist spots

Kyoto city and the surrounding prefecture are full of historic spots worth a vist, but of course some places are going to be over-hyped. So, goo Ranking recently conducted a survey looking at Kyoto prefecture tourist spots that didn’t live up to expectations.

1st: Kyoto Tower, 113 votes

Kyoto Tower

The clear winner here, mainly as the modern-looking tower is out of place in old Kyoto, but also that most of the interesting buildings are too close and difficult to photograph well. I’ve never been up it myself, but looking at English-language reviews, it is worth it. By the way, the shape of the tower is modeled on a candle.

2nd: Kyoto International Manga Museum, 31 votes

Kyoto International Manga Museum - Empty Astroturf

As you can perhaps guess from the photo, the manga museum is in an old school building. Going to a building full of manga comics to read sounds like a dream for many a person, but apparaently there are few permanent displays, little series criticism or research, so combined with many areas where photographs are forbidden, it is often a disappointment to visitors expecting much more.

3rd: Philosopher’s Walk, 30 votes

Walking The Philosopher' Path

What could be wrong with a nice stroll amongst the trees along a stream? It’s a bit narrow so soon gets packed, and outside of cherry blossom and autumn leaves season it’s all a bit dull, quite frankly. I’ve walked it too, and did have the feeling of “Is that it?” too. There’s some nice tea shops along the way, so if you get bored with the stroll stopping for a cuppa should refresh you.

4th: Dreamton Village, 28 votes

Kameoka, Kyoto

There’s some corner of a foreign field that is forever England, and Japan is no exception with this recently-opened fake English village. From the reviews I’ve seen from British people, it is very nicely done with a solid, authentic feel, but from a Japanese viewpoint, the entrance fee is high (although apparently it has recently been done away with), there are few things to see, and the queues for the restaurant are very long.

Having said that, once I return to Kansai I think I’ll pay a visit.

5th: Ginkakuji (Silver pavilion), 27 votes


Not very silvery is it? Compared to its big brother, the Golden pavilion, this place looks rather dull. However, I enjoyed it when I went, but perhaps I didn’t go with many expectations. From a tourist point of view, the tour pamphlets probably have seriously touched-up images so turning up and seeing this rather ordinary-looking temple would be a disappointment.

6th=: Kiyomizu Temple, 22 votes


Who could not like Kiyomizu? The only reason I can think of is finding it packed with tourists and not being able to have a quiet stroll around.

6th=: Nijo Castle, 22 votes


Another surprising entry! I suppose if you were expecting a tower like most other Japanese castles, finding it was more a stately home kind of place rather than a defensive structure would be a disappointment, but it really is worth a visit!

6th=: Kinkakuji (Golden pavilion), 22 votes


A wonderful photo, but for each perfect photography day, there’s many an overcast day. It’s another over-popular place, and one probably has to fight past 101 photographers to traverse the gardens. The day I went there, it was with a photographer friend who spent far too much time trying to line up his photos, so I only have bad memories of the place.

9th: Kamo River

Kamo River

The main river through the centre of Kyoto with, as you can see in the photo, restaurants lined up on platforms over the river. However, the banks are all concreted over and there is a distinct lack of character when strolling along the riverside.

10th: Tandenan (Graffiti temple), 17 votes

Anti-graffiti sign, temple of the great buddha, Nara, Japan

This is what you normally see at temples (the literal translation is “Graffiti forbidden”), but at Tandenan you can scribble on the walls! See this review here. Perhaps the disappointment came from having to pay 300 yen a time to write!

Rank Location Votes
11 Otabe confectionery factory shop 16
12= Kyoto Aquarium 15
12= Hassaka Shrine 15
14= Shakuzo Temple (Kuginuki Jizo) 14
14= Eiga-mura 14
16= Kyoto City Zoo 13
16= Togetsukyo Bridge 13
16= Bamboo Grove Road 13
19= Byodoin 12
19= Japanese Oni (Demon) Exchange Museum 12
19= Maizuru Brick Park 12
19= Nanzen Temple 12
23 Ichijo Modoribashi Bridge 11
24= Fushiumi Inari Shrine 10
24= Tadasu Forest at Shimokamo Shrine 10
24= Nishiki Market 10
27 Sagano Scenic Train (Sagano Torokko Train) 9
28= Kifune town 8
28= Otagi Nenbutsu Temple 8
30= Saiho Temple 7
30= Hanami Koji Dori 7
30= Kennin Temple 7
30= Sannin Saka 7
30= Adashino Nenbutsu Temple 7
35= Kurama Temple 6
35= Seimei Shrine 6
35= Tanukidani Fudoin 6
35= Daiunin Temple 6
35= Tenryu Temple 6
40= Suzaku-mon (Gate) Ruins 5
40= Renge-o-in Sanjisangendo 5
40= Manpuku Temple 5
40= Kifune Shrine 5
40= Toji Temple 5
40= Kyoto Prefectural Domoto-Insho Museum of Fine Arts 5
46= Suzumushi Temple 4
46= Kyoto Railway Museum 4
46= Kayabuki no Sato/Kitamura 4
49= 三千院 3
50 Kamo-wakeikazuchi Shrine 2


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 31st of January and 3rd of February 2017 500 members, 50:50 male and female and aged between 20 and 39 years old, of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

One in four Japanese fancy buying the Nintendo Switch

Will you buy a Nintendo Switch? graph of japanese statistics

With the Nintendo Switch now released, this survey is perhaps slightly outdated, but regardless, here is a look at purchase intentions regarding the Nintendo Switch.

The 1-2-Switch party game pack looks like fun after a night in the pub, I suppose, and the adverts for the Zelda title look lovely, but who knows how the game play actually is!

This might be another nice title?

Splatoon 2 Announced At Nintendo Switch Conference

Research results

Q1: Will you buy a Nintendo Switch? (Sample size=54,982)

  Yes, reserved one
To SQ1
Probably will
To SQ1
Don’t plan to
To SQ2
All 3.6% 24.2% 72.2%
Male 3.9% 24.1% 72.0%
Female 2.7% 24.6% 72.8%
Teens 3.4% 29.1% 67.5%
Twenties 3.8% 25.6% 70.6%
Thirties 3.2% 20.6% 76.2%
Forties 3.6% 19.9% 76.4%
Fifties plus 3.9% 17.0% 79.1%

Q1SQ1: What one thing made you decide to, want to buy a Nintendo Switch?

It’s a new Nintendo 40.5%
The new Zelda title 25.9%
Other Nintendo first-party titles are scheduled to be released 16.8%
Always buy new game machines 4.4%
Non-Nintendo third-party titles are scheduled to be released 2.6%
Want to play “1-2-Switch” 2.1%
Other 7.6%

Q1SQ2: Why won’t you buy a Nintendo Switch? (Multiple answer)

Basic features do not excite me 30.7%
No time to play games 20.7%
Current games are sufficient 19.7%
No eye-catching titles 16.9%
Didn’t know it existed 14.9%
Device is expensive 12.1%
Other 21.5%


No specific demographics were given, but it would appear that 54,982 people who use the Famicon Gamer gaming news site completed a survey. It might have been members-only, but I don’t know for sure. The survey was available until the 3rd of March 2017, the release date of the Nintendo Switch.

Unrealistic Japanese romantic situations

This survey from goo Ranking looked at romantic situations people find unrealistic; many of those below are from corny manga comics or Hollywood movies. Number 16 in particular features in far too many human dramas, be they on TV or movies there is inevitably a scene involving some kind of romantic incident in the pouring rain.

Here is an example of the overused cliche of running to school with toast in one’s mouth:

Toast in mouth meme

Ranking result

Q: What romantic situations do you think are unrealistic? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Rank   Votes
1 Falling in love after running round a corner with toast in one’s mouth and bumping into a hunk/beauty 100
2 A kiss through glass 93
3 Reaching for the same book as a hunk/beauty 85
4 After turning someone down many times, he declares “I won’t die!” (Linefrom famous manga, I think) 84
5 “Here’s looking at you, kid” (The line from Casablanca) 83
6 I tremble when I want to meet 80
7 They declare their love by writing “I love you” in the school playground 79
8 Childhood friend climbing up the balcony and entering my room uninvited 78
9 Having a lot of hunks/beauties liking me 74
10 Never having had a girlfried, but around 30 years old suddenly falling in love with a hunk/beauty 70
11 Being pursued by many hunks/beauties 68
12 Pursuing someone all the way to the airport and finding them in the crowds 67
13 Declaring one’s love by shouting at me across a busy road 66
14 Falling in love seeing at hunk/beauty picking up a lost puppy in the rain 65
15 A hunk/beauty taking off their glasses 64
16 Without even an umbrella in a downpour, yelling “I love you!” 62
17= From kabe don to kiss 61
17= Two hunks/beauties fighting over me 61
19 Looking over one’s shoulder and being kissed 59
20= “I’d die for you” 56
20= Being in a love triangle with two hunks/beauties 56
22 The school hunk/beauty goes out for a bit with an ugly girl/boy at school and they fall in love 53
23 An engagement ring at the bottom of a glass 52
24= Being carried as if over the threshold 50
24= Forbidden love with the hunk/beauty of a teacher 50
24= “If you die I’ll die too!” 50
24= A gentle guy/girl with a nice face and a good salary who loves only me 50
24= “I love you, and need nothing but you” 50
29 My rival is a hunk/beauty but s/he chooses me 48
30 A beauty/hunk asks “Am I not good enough for you?” 46
31 Even though I’m with my partner, a hunk/beauty makes an approach 44
32 A lover who lives a frugal life turns out to be loaded 41
33 “I made a song just for you” 38
34 “Wait until I break up with my current/get divorced” 35
35 “I’ll die if we break up!” 33
36 Whipping out a ring in an elegant restaurant 30
37 There is a hunk/beauty with a good character 28
38 Suddenly bumping into an ex on the street 27
39 “I love you just the way you are” 26
40 “I want to hear your voice” 25


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 10th and 13th of January 2017 500 members, 50:50 male and female and aged between 20 and 39 years old, of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.